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Divorce is a serious problem that is spreading like a fire in different societies of the world. Sometimes domestic violence leads to this state between a couple and other times there are personal conflicts and lack of understanding backed the cause of divorce among a couple. But the grave situation of divorce although setting two people apart as per their will, children have to survive in this state.

Thesis Statement:

The attachment of the kids with both of their parents forces these kids to get detached from one of their parent just because of the lack of understanding among their parents. Here in this essay we will narrate the multiple consequences of divorce on the children and society at large.


We are not mindful to the fact that our kids are also having their own world in the name of society where they are going to feel uncomfortable because of their parents’ divorce. The peer group of the children force them towards an intolerable state where they are always punished for the deeds of their parents.

Main Body:

Most of the children of such single parents confront the situations where nobody wants to be their friend in the school and people are trying to tease them on often basis. But we cannot say on this ground that a couple should not come out of their relationship even when they are least interested to carry its weight throughout the rest of their life.

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There must be some other solutions to deal with this issue which secure the children without hurting their emotional sentiments and at the same time parents can get separated from each other as per their will. This is how the real solution for this problem can be found by us. But the things seems so well in the theoretical ground when we think about the problem on real basis the picture is different.

It is very hard to find such solutions in the practical world where both children and parents can live a life of their choice without hurting the emotions of each other. So we can say that we have to walk a long way to gain success in ideal divorce in this country which can take many decades as well.

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The conclusion of the essay can be directed towards the serious problem that is being caused by divorce in the life of parents and children. Sometimes law grants the permission to mother to take care of her son or daughter. But no one bothers about the father who is also emotionally motivated towards the son or daughter. It must be painful to say that the care of a child is done by the mother only.

This is because in the present period of time not only women are involved in the task of raring their children up but at the same time men are also giving an equal contribution. We cannot afford to take such biased decisions in the present period of time where the children have equal inclination towards their parents.

What Should Be Done Towards This Issue?

The only thing that could be done is to give successive time to each parent in which their child will live among them. But this is also not a permanent solution as it shifts the kid to an unsettled life which cannot be lived by them for a longer period of time. So we can say that the number of divorces that are taking place between parents couple is doing indirect injustice with the emotions of their kids.

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