Is The Cost Of College Too High Argumentative

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It is alright with the basic education but when it comes to thinking of the higher education in countries like USA, UK and France then students have to think twice before walk into a course. Is The Cost Of College Too High ? This is because of the reason that higher education is very costlier in these countries and people fail to afford the cost easily especially who are in the middle section of the society. That is why most of the students in these countries are college dropper and start their job to earn money in the very beginning of their life to support the family and personal expenses as well. This dilutes the section of the society that can give the best development through their brain but fail to do so just because of the reason that they do not have the financial resources to continue their higher education in the field they desire to be.

The importance of higher education gained through college and universities cannot be denied at any cost because it is the exact time to reflect upon the things. Higher education is the main education which does not let the person explore the new things but it is based on the concept of reflecting on the issues and knowledge that has been grabbed so far until the level of high study by the students. If this level of education is not given to the students then they will fail to utilise their knowledge in real sense for the coming period of time in their life. There must be done something to stop such time of practices to that poor and middle-class students can also pursue their higher education in college.

The question of the higher cost of study in colleges bothers those who have the interest to do something in the arena of science and such other subject. Such students cannot even complete their graduation from the online resources as practical work is also crucial as compared to the theory in science. That is why the cost of higher education cannot be affordable to those who are having issues with their financial expenses per month. There are people who fail to manage their two square of meal per day and thus these people do not dream to step into a college.

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The consequence of the argument in the essay says that we should not avoid the importance of college education to the students. This is because there are many brains that could prove best for the welfare of a country by pursuing their higher study. But if they will get nipped in the bud owing to the higher cost of the education in the college, it would not be possible for these students to do anything of good sort for the society. Anyone who wants to take the initiative from the upper class must take it at its early so that the career of millions of people can be stopped from getting destroyed.

Those having a problem with the family which do not let them allow reading must convince them by teaching the importance of education. The college education cannot be avoided by a student at any cost and that could only be possible when it is affordable by them. Something must be done by the government in this arena so that good consequences can be gained on time. Still, there are millions of people who are just in a big dream to continue their education in the college without any hurdle of the money. We should do something to help such people with our utmost efforts.

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