Loneliness Essay

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Modern hectic lifestyle does not allow us to remains in a joint family structure and people prefer to give importance to their individualism. To gain success in career and earn money the bond between the relationships are getting more mechanical instead of emotional. We are connected to each other with dialogues and not conversations. This brings a negative emotion towards us that is loneliness. It is completely fine to stay alone for your privacy and individualism but being lonely is not something suggested for the human and animals as well. This is because loneliness brings a sort of depression in a person which is very dangerous for inducing the death will.

Talking about the reasons and solutions to tackle this state of loneliness the most that can be done is to stay connected to our near and dear with emotional bonding. Our relations must be based on emotions and not on needs this is the primary foundation that can keep us away from the world of depression. Those having problem is setting good relations with their family can try it on a small scale and then gradually increases to a certain extent. That is how an initiative can be taken to bridge the gulf of loneliness in the life of a person who is going through the critical phase of depression.

If we become able to eradicate this issue of loneliness from the life of major population of the world the mental health problems can be dealt easily. Mental health is becoming a major obstacle in our way in modern time as half of the world population is not healthy on mental grounds and going through one or another mental illness but emotions can heal those illnesses easily. It is not necessary that a person going through loneliness can be healed by his family only but at the same time people surrounding him can also become a good medium to vanish his or her loneliness to a great extent. That is how the problem of loneliness can be tackled with the efforts of each one of us.

In case a person finds it difficult to break a conversation it is the duty of the other person to provide the comfort level to him or her so that he or she can get rid from the dead point to start a talk. The initial time of getting out from this bar of loneliness is very tough for any person but by and by gradually he becomes used to it and communicating with the people becomes a major part of his life.

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The conclusion of the essay can be drawn from the above discussion that loneliness is a largest obstacle to gain complete mental health. A person who is going through the loneliness feels something wrong with his mental conditions as well. Emotions and relations with the human and animals are very crucial to bridge this gulf of emptiness in the lives of such people. This can only be possible when everyone is giving their major contribution in different way to develop a bond of emotions with lonely people. As there is a famous quotation that “charity begins at home” we can start this initiative in our surrounding with our family and peer group.

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That is how the issue or problem can be dealt to a major extent by us. A healthy population is always useful for the development of the society as compared to the isolated one which is going through depression and loneliness. We cannot guarantee the hundred percent recoveries from depression through this technique but at the same time to a certain extent we can control it from getting the situation worst.

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