My Favorite Memorable Childhood Event

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Thesis statement

I went on a tour in my childhood alone and it turns out to be the best tour of my life where I made new friends for lifetime. Also new life changing experienced are gained during this trip by me.


Childhood memories can be pleasing to anyone on this earth as we commit very interesting mistakes out of innocence. Similar was the case with me as I was also the most adventurous person of my life during childhood days. To recall a memorable memory from my childhood I can talk about the event when a solo trip was completed by me in the early years of life. Here I am going to talk about this trip how it comes into my mind and the experience that is gained through the trip. Also, a mention of the effect of that experience on my life is cited here in-depth.

Main body

The beginning of the planning about the travel plan in my mind

When I had a fight with my parents on a trivial issue as they were not accompanying me on a picnic an idea strike my mind to go out alone. But I was a little scared that my parents are never going to allow me for this trip. Eventually I decided to run down without informing them about this travel plan. Now the question was that where to go for this trip as I do not have money to go far away from home. So I decided to choose a place near to our home where we often used to go for a picnic on weekends. That is how the plan was prepared for a solo picnic by a eleven years old.

Memories of my first solo trip in childhood

On the eve of Sunday when everyone was struggling from their sleep I get up in the wee hours and without turning on the lights rush away from home. I spent a few hours alone on the picnic spot because nobody was there in the early hours. Then people starts dropping in by and by with their heavy baskets of eatables. Unfortunately, I didn’t carry anything with me and was looking at them while they were enjoying. A lady offers me some fruits but I denied and she keeps on insisting me to have the one. Her kids take me away to play with them and that is how I made new friends within few hours. My parents eventually manage to find me and take away home with horrific eyes.

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Experiences that turned my life from this trip

After this event of my life, I realized so many things and the most important that turned my life was the realization of self confidence. Earlier I was hardly going out for buying candies and now a solo picnic trip was completed. This boosts my self-confidence very much and I started to take my important decision of life after this event of my life. That is why the success I gave gained today becomes possible only after this event of my childhood days.


The conclusion of the essay can be seen in the sense that we can do anything if the opportunity is given to realize our strength. Success is only possible when we come to know who we are and that’s what happened in this essay. Children should always give some freedom and space of their life to let them explore the world in their way. Of course, we cannot completely set them free but at least they should not be pecked at every moment.

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