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Thesis statement

Public health in a society is getting disturbed due to expensive healthcare treatment and lack of awareness about the health-related problems to poor people.


The plight of poor people in developing economies is very miserable especially when we observe then in context to their health. The public is going through a number of healthcare problems which they cannot overcome due to the lack of money and general awareness about the health problems. Those who are aware of them cannot afford the expensive health checkups. As a result of which the poor public is supposed to accept the fact that they have no right to live and get healthcare facilities like that of rich people of the society. Here we will discuss about the different facts related to the loopholes and reasons that are responsible for poor public health and at the same time solutions will also be suggested to get rid of these issues from the society.

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Main body of the essay

  • Cause of poor public health in undeveloped economies of the world

The major cause of lack in the health facilities in poor countries can be given to the low funds from the government to improve the health of the common public. Social welfare is very crucial in poor countries that the government have to look after and most of the budget gets divided into various social welfare schemes. As a result of which the grant that is received for the health care sector is not sufficient to fulfill the needs of health facilities in a better way. Owing to these reasons many people have to die unnatural death in such places. On the contrary, no such plight can be seen in the developed countries of the world where people are well off from their pocket to avail the medical treatment for any diseases.

  • Drawbacks of poor health of masses in a given country

When the population of a country is suffering from various health problems it is very difficult for the nation to grow in any aspect of the development. For example, people with ill health cannot contribute their part in the gross domestic products of the country. At the same time, moral of the other people at the workplace also dies off when two or three people are showing their lazy behavior. So we can say that a nation with poor health also remains poor on the economic grounds and it is very important to deal with this drastic problem on time.

  • Problems faced by the people to acquire health care treatment

When there is no money in the pocket it becomes difficult to go for the expensive treatment in the healthcare sector. Doctors are charging very high fees and at the same time, healthcare facilities are also not affordable to a common man. More the government’s initiative to give social healthcare facilities to the poor people is a mere show off in front of the public. In reality there is no such provision that help these poor to avail the better treatment for their ailments. That is why most of the people fail to come out of their illness for their entire life.

  • How to eradicate the problem of miserable healthcare facilities in poor nations?

Talking about the solutions that can help people to deal with their problems related to their health in countries where no social welfare for health is available few actions can be taken. For example, we can try the social responsibility of the and other healthcare providers to serve for the welfare of poor people on part-time basis after their working hours. This is the most genuine and practical solution which can work at all level if doctors and nurses are ready to devote their time as social responsibility. Rich people can open trusts and charitable hospitals to provide free health care solutions to those who cannot afford it even after trying their best. That is how we can make a crucial step towards the world free from health related problems. International health conventions should also look after this matter to come up with genuine solutions for the people.


The conclusion can be drawn from the above essay that poor public health can ruin the life of people without proper treatment for their ailments. At the same time the essay give us various ideas to overcome the issue of miserable health of the public in the countries which are low in economic grounds. Well you can also draw an idea from the essay that how poor health of the citizens in a given country affect the growth of economy to great extent in that specific nation. To cap it all we can say that every effort must be given to solve the problem of lingering health scenario in countries having less awareness about the importance of healthy citizens.

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