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Empiricism Versus Rationalism

Empiricism and rationalism both are important terms that are used in literature and psychology discipline more often. Students get different types of essays and other assignments on empiricism and rationalism. But an understanding of the terms and the knowledge of their use is important to accomplish such assignments. Here is a sample essay on empiricism and rationalism that is going to help the students to complete their psychology assignments along with that of literature assignments as well. Students will be able to understand the basic fundamentals of Empiricism and Rationalism through this essay. So go through the essay written by the experts of and understand the meaning and difference between these two terms of psychology.

Thesis Statement

While rational thinking is given the preference to define our day to day happenings but sometimes miraculous incidence pushes us to believe in the empiricism as well.


There has been a great debate in the few couples of decades between the two terms and their existence. Some people believe that rationalism that is scientific reasons should be considered to define a happening or incidence on the contrary others are in favour of experiences to give the statement for certain incidence or situation. Although none of them individually able to define all the incidence that occurs on this earth, this never-ending debate is taking its glory from the contradictions associated with it. Here are some incidences that support the importance of empiricism and rationalism both individually. Those who want to know more about it can read the following arguments on the essay topic in detail.

Main Essay

Here we will discuss the role of empiricism in human life and hoe rationalism and empiricism both go hand in hand. Also, some arguments and solutions will be raised on the topic of empiricism and rationalism. So read the following arguments carefully and understand the concept with deep clarity of the concepts.

Why Rationalism is considered as best to define the Things

Rationalism means defining the things and cause of their happenings through scientific reasons. These scientific reasons are always given about any type of physical phenomena that occurs in the world. For instance, if a person’s glucose level rise in the blood then rationalist thinkers will consider the low insulin level in the body that gives rise to this cause of high sugar in the blood. Similarly, if you want to give the reason behind a rise of water level in the plants through xylem tissue rationalist philosophy is going to choose the principle of capillary action or other theories that support it.

So all and all we can say that this philosophy deals with the science in collaboration. It is very clear that a rational philosopher never gives general statements on the things without having a well-proved scientific reason behind it. There are certain works of literature that are based on this philosophy only.

Role of Empirical Knowledge in our Day to Daylife

Although the preference is given to the rational knowledge in this cut-throat competition of technology and scientific development still there are many reasons that fail people to define the incidences that happen in our surrounding with the use of reasons. Under such situations, experience-based knowledge does work. We can consider the example of doctors who apply their experience in multiple surgeries when their theory and principles fail to solve the problems of the patient.

We cannot deny the facts that had have occurred to the patients where they manage to recover in the situation where doctors denied their recovery. Such miracles cannot be given any reason or science behind their happening. Here we can say that empiricism is a significant branch or discipline of knowledge that helps in such situations when reason and science fail to do so. Every field of life is based on empiricism along with rationalism.

Which out of Empirical and Rational Knowledge is good?

Empirical knowledge and rational thinking both are best at their place. We cannot take up a certain stance towards any of them. Both the disciplines and philosophies go hand in hand to explain the things in our surrounding environment. So it is important for the people of both mentalities to give importance to each other rather than keep on fighting to prove that one discipline is superior to others. The empiricism and rationalism both philosophies are complementary to each other can they define the cause behind all things that happen in the universe.

How can we Use Empirical and Rational Knowledge to Improve our Life

Empirical knowledge is very useful to deal with the life situations and problems that cannot be solved with the help of experiences that people have. As the example cited in the above paragraph where a doctor can solve the problems of his patient by his experience when he fails to do so with the study, he had done in medical science. There are similar other examples that could be better explained and done through the experience like cooking could be great when the cook has experience as compared to an inexperienced cook even though the recipes are same in both the cases. Here empiricism could define it very well.

Similarly, many life incidences could not be traced to the roots with the help of empirical knowledge only. Certain things need to be accompanied by the reason as well. So there must be an optimum balance between empirical and rational knowledge of the student to solve all situations of life.


A conclusion could be drawn from the above essay that empiricism and rationalism both are the important disciplines that give rise to the explanations of the situations in our life. It is not possible to use any of them in individuality. Understanding about both of them is very important to give a statement about life troubles. While empirical knowledge is important when other scientific reasons unable to do so at the same time a similar situation happens with rational thinking.

So those who have a clear cut understanding and idea to use both of them can manage any type of problem in their life. On the other hand, this is not possible if a debate between empiricism and rationalism on the grounds of establishing superiority will continue for a long time. So it is the high time to manage this situation with great bravery and intelligence.

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