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Literature students have to deal with their critical essays and compare and contrast essay assignments on the different Novels and text as well. But when it comes to write such essays students have to take every single step very carefully for getting best score in their assignments of Essay Writing. Suppose if you are assigned an essay on Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet to critically analyze it and then write an essay on it. In such a case first you have to understand the technical terms of English in the medieval era and then writing a critical essay on Romeo and Juliet.

This types of assignments and critical analysis is not possible for the new students who just have plunged in the arena of research. That is why help in the form of following professionally written sample essay on Romeo and Juliet can assist them in their assignments easily. Take the support from this sample and get rid of your assignments related issues for your literature subject.

Thesis Statement

Romeo and Juliet is a Shakespearean tragedy which cites the love and affection of couple towards each other. It shows that real affections need not to be compensated with marriage only.


As almost each one of us has read the play Romeo and Juliet which starts with the agony of a couple who are in romantic affairs with each other. But due to their unequal social status society was not in favour of their affection to each other. We can experience the glimpses of true relationship and friendships in the story of Romeo and Juliet plot of the play. But at the same time it also mock on the social ill practices of that time. In this critical essay we will critically interpret the play so that you can get able to decode the text with its analysis. Here we are going to throw an idea about the themes that are mentioned in the play and also what types of characters are used by Shakespeare to represent the society of that time. We can have the reality of Shakespeare’s contemporary world through this play very well.

Main Essay

Have a look on the Shakespearean tragedy which describes multiple social themes in the play. Also you will get an idea about the type of society and people that used to exist at that time.

Which are the major themes of Romeo and Juliet play?

The Romeo and Juliet is based on the theme of social structure that affects the meeting of two people for getting married. Here we can say that in that period of the middle renaissance in literature class system was much bloomed and nobody were supposed to marry out of his class. Similar is the case with the two characters of the play that is Romeo and Juliet who wants to breaks the social barriers of class system to prove that emotions are above all classes but eventually failed.

What types of social reality is revealed through the Romeo and Juliet play by Shakespeare?

The social classes at that time were very much concerned about their status and an aristocratic class of the people used to set up hegemony on the kind. That is why there was no role of the common people in the building of nation at that time. Even they were not given the rights to sit together with that of high classes. The plight of common man was not that good in those days but at the same time we can have the scene where people are happy about the drama which was flourishing at that time in the country. This was the only recreational activity at that time after the period of long interregnum during the reign of Oliver Cromwell.

How the play is Relevant to the contemporary people of the world?

As this is the cosmopolitan truth that we all know Shakespeare is a universal writer and theme of universality is the main feature of his all plays. His plays are read in the modern time because people are able to connect them with these emotions that he cited in his plays in that time through the Rome and Juliet or for that matter any other play like Tempest.


So the conclusion that could be drawn from the above essay is that Romeo and Juliet play express the truth and social structure of that time. At the same time it also throws lights upon the class difference that used to exist and exploitation of the lower classes.

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