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Similarities Between Plant and Animal Cell

Animals, as well as plants both, have the basic unit of their life in the form of a body cell which plays multiple roles. Often biology students are asked to write their assignments on these cells. Even most of the biology essay topics are drawn from the similarities and difference between these cells by the professors. So if you are writing a healthcare assignment on the similar and common things between the two types of cells go through some major similarities cited here below.

Students Assignment Help professionals have suggested free ideas for the graduates to understand the common things about the plant and animal cells very minutely. From term papers to research paper and essay on animal and plant cells can be written by the college students by understanding these common facts about the two types of cells. Often graduates know the difference between the plants and animal’s cells but they fail to see them on common grounds and that is why these similarities are motioned here by the experts.

The cell as a basic unit of life in animals as well as plants

Animals and plants cells are designed to work as the basic unit of life in both cases as these cells help to carry out the basic functions of the body for both plants and animals. Even various science essay topics and essays are assigned to the students on these two types of cells in order to make them understood the importance of the cell.

From the exchange of the food material between connecting tissues that is phloem and blood to the generation of energy in mitochondria every function is performed by the cell. The entire body is made up of cells that are working in coordination as various organs of the body.

Why it is Importance to know the similarities between plant and animal cell

Those who are doing their undergraduate course in biology must be aware of the fundamentals to keep their concept clear. The similarities and differences between plants and animal cells are crucial to know for the graduates in order to understand the functioning of the body as a whole. If students are not familiar with the basic things they will never be able to understand the physiology and anatomy of the plants and animals both.

This is the reason by most of the time college students are asked to write their essays and term papers on the plants and animals cells. Valid questions can also be raised by the students when they have a clear understanding of these basic things. That is the reason most of the college assignments are based on the plants and animal cells for graduates.

Ten Major similarities between a plant and animals cell

If you are eager to know the difference between a plant and animal cells you will get a complete account of the two here. From cell membrane to the cell organelles and functioning of both types of cells are compared to each other to show their similarities. So understand these minute differences to become a pro in the morphology and physiology of the animals and plants body.

  Animal Cell  Plant Cell
1. Animal cells provide energy to the body by oxidation of food.Plant cells are also responsible for acting as a source of energy for plants through photosynthesis.
2. Animal cells comprise of the endoplasmic reticulum.Endoplasmic reticulums are also present in plant cells as well.
3. Animal cells regulate the inflow and outflow of food and other material with blood.Plant cells are supposed to connect with the external phloem tissue for exchange of material.
4. The cytoplasm is a fluid that is present inside the cell membrane and it can be found in animal cells for exchange of material with the external environment by developing concentration gradient against the membrane.The plant’s cells also have liquid cytoplasm that spread across the cell and help semi-permeable membrane to play its role.
5. Animals cells are comprised of the plasma membrane.Plant cells also have a cell membrane as an outer boundary.
6. There are various cell organelles which are present in the animal cells like the ribosome, mitochondria, nucleus, etc.Plant cells also possess cell organelles to regulate the working of the entire cell in a proper way.
7. The animal cells serve as the basic structure of the human body.Plant cells are also the basic unit of a plant body which form the entire plant when working in an organized manner in various groups.
8. Animal cells have semi-permeable plasma membrane.The plasma membrane of the plant cell is also semi-permeable.
9. Animal cells possess vacuole scattered throughout the cytoplasm.Plant cells are also comprised of vacuole for various functions like debris are stored in these vacuoles.
10. Lysosomes known as suicide bomb of the cells are present in animal cells.We can also see the presence of Lysosomes in plants cells as well.

Is the functioning of plants and animal cells is also similar like their structure

Although there are so many similarities between the plants and animals cells we cannot forget about the difference between the two. There are so many differences in the plant and animal cells as well. These differences and alter the functioning of these two sorts of cells to a great extent. For example the presence of nucleolus in the peripheral region and center for plant and animals cells respectively.

Lack of cell wall and many other differences ensure the different functions of the plants and animals cells as well. Still, there are so many functions that are common in the two types of cells including the exchange of food material and other substances through external connecting tissue like blood and phloem.

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