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White-collar crimes are getting more and more prevalent in the world and that is why students are given an essay and assignments on this White-Coller. Here is a free essay sample on white-collar crime that could be used by the students to complete essay assignments on time. Essay writing services of the Students Assignment Help could also be consulted by the students in case they fail to understand this topic. UK Essay Writers are going to solve every issue with the essay on white-collar crimes.

Thesis Statement

White Collar crimes are a disgrace on the judicial system of any nation as they try to trap innocent people by marking them guilty for the crimes not committed by them.


White-collar crimes are the crime that people commit in disguise by taking the benefit of their position. It is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed with the utmost potential as many people have to suffer in this quagmire even when they are innocent. So this essay deals with the reasons and way through which people sitting in a higher position manage to trap the poor people as guilty for their own crimes. Also, solutions to overcome this judicial stigma are given in this essay. In case you want to have a deep sight on this side of the crime this essay is going to meet all your answers with greater clarity. Examples and relevant arguments are going to help you to give your own ideologies and opinions on the issue. So make sure that you are reading the entire essay for the better clarity of concepts on white-collar crime and also to know the seriousness of this crime.

Main Essay and Arguments

Here is the main essay which pushes certain arguments on white-collar crimes and also gives solutions and consequences to deal with this serious problem in the world. Go through the essay and understand the depth of the issue.

Why White Collar Crimes Happen in Society

White-collar crimes are the most common in every society this is because loose rules of the nation allow the people sitting in higher positions to escape from their crimes easily through the loopholes that exist in the ruling system. The types of white-collar crimes are like a fraud in construction work bypassing the site for construction even if it is a soft soil in return of money or raising the rate of interest in banks in return of the bribery. There are other such examples as well which shows the depthless of the crimes that could be committed under the influence of position or designation by the officers. So this is the main cause that white-collar crimes happen in our society in modern times even.

What are the Ways through which People manage white Collar Crimes?

There are many channels that are responsible for the facilitation of these crimes. Suppose if the president of a nation is corrupt what could be expected from the rest of his officers. Even those who are honest have to leave their honesty for the security of a job and they become involved in white-collar crime as an important part of it. In this system of white-collar crimes many people lose their lives and others fail to save self-respect as innocent people are proved as criminals in such cases.

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It must be eradicated by society by implementing certain strict rules. Our judicial system must be strong enough to deal with the people who commit white-collar crimes. There are many scams and bribery cases on an international scale but nobody comes in the front to speak upon them. We should stop behaving like cowards and must confront this sort of situation with bravery.

How to Deal with the People Involved in White Collar Crimes?

The people having higher designation must be drilled from their mind to inculcate that their position is temporary and if they would be found doing any white collar crime that day will be the last day of their career. Such types of things have a great influence on the criminals and they let their activities down. In case some officials who try to show their dominative behavior must be kept in the guidance of cops to make them sure about the crimes and criminals associated with them.

Judicial Actions against white collar crimes in Global Scale

A strong law should be there that can help innocent people from getting trapped by the rich one. There are so many laws on the white collar crimes but sometimes they are also not working as people manage to get out of them by paying certain money or through escaping from the loopholes of the system and rules of judiciary. So it is like a disgrace if any court proves someone as guilty who is not involved in any sort of crime and being trapped by the other criminals. Certain reforms and improvement are needed to get out of the issues of white collar crimes with an immediate effect on global scale.

What could be the Consequences of white Collar crimes?

A white collar crime can save a person who is involved in a very heinous crime and also get the innocent people trapped in this quagmire. So the government of every nation should ensure that there must be a proper investigation about the criminal cases which are associated with high profile people and poor one. As many a time only poor people are released being innocent after punishment for years. A judicial system must be built upon such a basis that no innocent person gets any type of punishment. There must be equality of the person in front of law as disparity among the people can leads to the anarchy of a nation or the world if this will continue for the ages.


Here we can draw a conclusion that people of high designation are much involved in the crimes known as white collar crimes and it could be stopped by a strong judicial system. The laws must be made in such a way that criminals fails to escape from the punishment even after trying his or her best. The every effort and step must be taken to save the innocent people which are trapped in the net of crime without committing any crime. So make sure that every nation is bothered about its innocent citizens who become the victims of certain criminals.

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