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Thesis Statement

The satirical essay on the plight of women will throw an irony on the justice and rights given to them in society. The satire also talks about the status of women in the upper and lower class of the people.


There are so many essays that are written so far on the conditions of the women in our society but no one has dared to write a satire on this topic. In this essay we are going to talks about the rights of women in different classes of the society. Also in an ironical way the essay mocking on those who are fighting for the rights of women actively and still want their wives and sisters to behave and work within the gender roles. So you will get a deep understanding about the topic how women are treated in society. These insights will increase your ability to understand the serious issue of women rights and there an implication in practical life.


Here is a complete satirical essay example on the women’s situation in the society at global level. So read the essay to cover your misconception that there is not biased done to the female in modern time.

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How the Upper-Class Women are treated by the Society

The upper-class women in the modern 21st Century are treated with huge reverence and respect by their families. Even the equal property rights are given to them as that of men and decision taking help is taken for the important decisions of the household. Women are free to roam around in the nights without any commotion of injustice as they are not molested by anyone on the roads which are vacant in the midnights. With the changing time even drinking, smoking and education are considered as normal things that women can do without any resistance from the social elements. This is the situation of upper-class women in modern scenario of the twenty-first century in the world.

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Difference in the Plight of lower Class Women and Upper-Class Women in Society

If we compare the status of upper-class women to that or the lower and middle-class women there is not a single difference in their life. Every woman is given complete respect by the men and that is why no conflict and revolts ever occurs in the mind of women who belongs to the lower strata of the society. More when it comes to comparing the situation of upper and lower class women in their house same situation as in the case of upper-class women could be considered by anyone.

Now women are not being beaten to a situation like hell and the main cause behind it is the awareness through various sources in the modern time. It is hard to make out a difference between a poor lady and rich one except for her clothes. This is because everything else is equal and no biasness is done on the name of class to the women in society.

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What are the Initiatives that being taken for poor conditions of Women in Society?

Certain crucial and most needed steps in the women empowerment have been taken by the government of many countries. All these policies and laws are implemented in practical life successfully. As a result of which government is close to gain the target of giving biasness rights to the women in every sphere of the life. That is the reason why many women are growing in every field without making struggle for their identity to cross the lines and boundaries that are marked by the patriarchal society of various nations. If we consider meticulously we will come to know that women are very happy with their conditions in society worldwide and they are getting a world for them once they have dreamed for.

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The above satire is a direct irony on the poor condition of women in the society at global scale. Women are not even able to take the decision for their career once they get married in many countries. At the same time we can experience the huge gulf in the biasness that is done to lower and upper class women in the society.

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