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There are various essay types that can be assigned to the students from time to time on the serious topic of Zika virus as Coursework Writing assignments. Sample essay for graduates on Zika Virus to the students can be helpful which is written here by the Students Assignment Help to frame an outline for their essay assignments. If you do not have any idea about how to write the thesis statement of essay then this sample can give you the full support in understanding it very easily.

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So try to write your essay given by the professors of your University and College to come up with the solutions and new ideas on the topic. You can understand the process of writing an essay introduction to the main essay with this sample. Essay outline in Zika virus essay to the students is also available in the form of this example of Zika Virus essay for college given here by the Students Assignment Help.

Thesis Statement

Zika virus epidemic left millions of people affected by it including pregnant women in the period of 2007 to 2016. There is a must need to check its spread and find an effective vaccination for it.


Zika virus is the name of a mosquito virus that better develops and completes its cycle in the Ades Genus of mosquito in various species. The main effect of the invasion of the virus can be seen in pregnant women and adults where it causes the dysfunction or malfunctioning of the central nervous system of human being and foetus. A great epidemic that spreads in the years 2007 to 2016 due to this virus becomes the cause of death and disease in many people living in Asian reasons mainly. The virus completes its cycle through the intermediate host that is Monkey apart from the primary host which is a mosquito. The purpose of the essay is to know the solutions that can prevent the spread of the virus and how to minimize the effect of its invasion on the body. Also, the treatment of the patient and things to give attention in such state are also mentioned here in the essay.

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Main Essay

The essay which is given here on the Zika virus is going to get the deep insights on the effect and consequences of the virus in a broader aspect. You will be able to analyse the facts and concepts of the topic of the essay after going through the entire essay step by step written with the extensive research on the topic.

Why it is very dangerous to get affected by the Zika Virus for pregnant women during their Gestation period?

Zika Virus which is more or less similar to the virus of dengue in its symptoms affects the central nervous system like said before in the foetus. As a result of which the complete process of development of the brain of a baby in the uterus sometimes fails and infant delivered may have the underdeveloped brain and other issues associated with the nervous system. More other organs are also affected by the virus and thus a poor development with medical impairments of the baby can be the consequences of the Zika virus infection in pregnant women. This is the reason why many health agencies suggest the couple who are planning to extend their family to do it a little later when the effect is suppressed by a great extent. This is how normal pregnancy can be retrieved easily.

What could be done to prevent the effect of Zika Virus on Human Body?

The effect of the Zika virus on the human body can be prevented by taking the precautions from getting in touch with those who are already infected by the virus. Most of the virus spread to the blood, body fluid and such contamination so try to keep you away from the mediums as much as possible. This is how the effect of the Zika virus can be prevented in the human being from spreading person to person. There is a high need to take the initiatives that can be helpful to the reduction of the Zika virus and its spread over the different places.

Treatment and solutions for the patients who are suffering from the infection of Zika Virus in Tropical Countries

There is no such treatment in the form of vaccination that is invented by medical researchers so far. But yes some pain suppressing drugs and injections are there which can reduce the effect to a minor level. Taking the long hour bed rest and not getting involved in the much hectic process of the daily household work can become a solution to minimize the effect of the Zika virus on the human being. The fever that is caused by the Virus must not be brought down by taking the antipyretics medicines as they can bring harmful consequences in the body as well.


The conclusion of the essay says that there is a must need to come up with a vaccination that can effectively tackle the issue of viral fever caused by the Zika Virus. The only treatment that is available in the modern time for this virus infection is to take the precautions for its spread and try to do rest as much as possible. This is how we can mitigate this issue until the researchers do not come up with a rigid solution for this problem of the Zika virus fever which is very common in the Asian and African Countries of the world.

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