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Bullying is a serious crime that is spreading like a chariot in every school in modern time. That is why students are asked by their professors to write their views on this topic in the form of an essay. Those who do not know how to frame an essay need the support of expert essayists for this purpose and that is why Students Assignment Help Experts are asked by the students to give ideas for writing their essay assignments. Here is a help that is given by the professional to students in the form of an essay sample on bullying from where students can get a healthy idea about how to write an essay in proper format. Follow this essay sample and complete your assignments on writing essay.

This is a most dangerous element to bully around in the class by the students of same batch or by the teachers even. Some initiatives must be taken to solve this problem as it is eating the structure of education.


You must have seen students in your class or in other classes of your school where students are bossing around the shy kids. It leads to decrease in the self-confidence of the shy students and even sometimes they dropped out from the school for this purpose only. But this is really a shameful act for the education institutions if a student dropped out of the school just because of the reason that some other students are bullying him. Most of the time we ignore this deed of the students and even sometimes teachers are involved in the process by them as well. Here in this essay, we are going to talk about the problem of bullying children and how it affects their mental growth and behavioral psychology as well.

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Main Essay

Have deep knowledge about the bullying of students in the educational institutions and make a critical note on your thoughts for thus serious issue.

What are the dangerous Results of Bullying in the Schools?

The most dangerous consequences of bullying around the poor students are discussed in the above paragraph. Mostly it is associated with the high rate of school dropping children and at the same time a fear and low self-esteem in those who manage to withstand with this embarrassment of being bullied. So it is equally bad to bear the hegemony of someone who is trying to set it on your personality and make sure that you do not grow in your life. The entire purpose of education meets an end here and that is why most of the parents are suggested to keep their children out of this pursuit.

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How to stop the ill Practise of Bullying Students

There must be strict rules in this context and any student who is involved in the purpose of bullying weak students must be expelled from the school by the authorities. This is how this tradition of bad things could be stopped majorly. More teachers must be careful that every student in his class is comfortable to sit and not creating a zone of discomfort for other students. Even there could be taken harsh steps on this issue which subject the child who is bossing around the prison as well. This is how the serious issue of bullying poor students by the dominating one could be checked at serious note.

Role of Teachers in making their Students Bully

Teachers who are supposed to stop this ill practice even themselves involved in the pursuit of bullying students. There are students who are not that much good in the studies and such students are majorly demoralized on a regular basis by the teachers. On the contrary, those who are doing well in their studies are pampered to a huge extent and thus difference and biases on the part of teachers is not tolerated by the students as they start feeling poor and inferior to the other batchmates in such cases. So certain initiatives must be taken to improve this culture of bullying students in schools and out of schools as well.


This essay shows that bullying children has become a serious issue which must be addressed at its early to stop the nuisances that occurs in the schools. Teachers who are also involved in the bullying of students must rectify their behavior to become full of justice for everyone.

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