Child Discrimination – Cause & Effect Essay

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Cause and effect essays can be written by explaining the cause behind a specific thing and its effects in co-relation to it. The effect is always associated with the cause of incidence, issue or situation. Example of cause and effect essay on child discrimination is given here to raise your understanding of the essay.

You can easily understand what exactly a cause and effect essay means from this sample given here. At the same time, the tips for preparing cause and effect essay outline can be gathered from this example by UK graduates.

Cause and Effect Essay on Discrimination on Children for UK Graduates

Thesis Statement

The discrimination with children mainly occurs due to their poor social status, caste, class and physical disability. As a result of discrimination, children lose their confidence and develop an inferiority complex.


 If we move our head in society we can see that discrimination with children on various grounds is prevalent at its peak. Some children are discriminated against on the basis of their caste, creed, color, disability, etc. while others on their financial status.

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As a result of which it affects their psychological, physical and social growth drastically. Here we will try to focus on some crucial causes and their effects on discrimination with children at different places. Also, some suggestions will also be given at the end to control this social discrimination with children. 

Main Body

Major Causes of Discrimination with Children in Society and School

We can see a number of injustice and prejudice which is prevalent in society with children. At the same time, these children are discriminated at school, social gatherings and other such other platforms.

There are so many reasons for which these children are prejudiced by the society given below.

  • The difference between the financial statuses of the two parties.
  • The skin complexion is the biggest cause behind discrimination with children.
  • Slow learning speed and low intelligent quotient in children.
  • The prejudice based on the caste, creed, and race of children.
  • Physical disability is the other major reason behind the discrimination with children.

What Effects We Can See from the Discrimination with Children 

There are so many negative impacts that can be observed from the discrimination with children. Have a look at these impacts which affect the psychology and social behavior of children very heavily.

  • The children who are kept under negligence from childhood develop an inferiority complex in them.
  • It becomes very tough for such children to have good social behavior and they feel inferior in society.
  • Lack of confidence in the workplace and school.
  • Inclination towards depression and drug addiction eventually

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How to Check the Discrimination with Children Effectively 

In order to check this bad state of discrimination with children, social reforms are very crucial. At the same time, certain human rights commission should be formed to draw rules that favor the equality between the children of all classes and castes. That is how we can put an end to this prejudice in the social set up.


The essay can be concluded by saying that discrimination with children in society and school leads to their poor development in every aspect. The gender stereotypes, rituals, customs, and social taboos impart a big role in this discrimination.

The issue can be checked by setting certain rules by the government which reduces this gulf of social inequality. Also, strict punishment should be given to the people who discriminate against children at any level.

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