Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate businesses are really doing well across the world and some of them have even half the economic resources and wealth of the country. But these corporate business owners have some social responsibility towards the public of their country especially to eradicate the social problems. For instances, there are societies where problems like domestic violence, starving stomach without food, parching throat, dowry system, poor health and lack of education are very common. In such areas, these corporate impart their social responsibility by giving money to get rid of the miserable conditions. From lower to higher-level corporate take part in such initiatives and always contribute to raising the level of their nation on a global scale.

If we talk about the need for social responsibility of the corporate then it cannot be forced on these businessmen and it is their choice whether they want to involve in it or not. We have so many people who are doing these good deeds with their own interest so that they can improve the situation to some extent. It is very difficult for the government of a nation to handle all these problems with the revenue collected from the people in the form of various cess and taxes. That is why Private Corporation assists the government in every way so that ultimate results can be obtained towards the welfare of the people in a given social setup.

Some of the social responsibilities that are fulfilled by the corporate are also associated with developing the infrastructure and employment opportunities in their own country. For example, the project of setting an industry can be shifted to their own nation as compared to foreign investment. It will enhance the job to the youth of that nation at the same time money will not go out of the country. Even some countries make it mandatory to their citizens to impart a good role in the development of the nation and poor people by investing and offering jobs to needy people. This help to bridge the gulf of poverty, lack of education and many such other problems of the society.

So the conclusion of the essay can be given hereafter the above discourse is that there must be proper freedom to the corporate whether they want to invest for reduce a social issue or not. This will help them to work in a free will in mitigating the issue that is more serious in their area as compared to putting limits on them. Some government officials even try to take benefit of the money collected from these businessmen to fulfil their personal needs in the name of social responsibility funds. Such ill practises must be checked on time by the loyal citizens of the country and should remove all those people who want to gain the benefits of corporate money in the form of social responsibility.

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If we want to have a country where everyone is sleeping with a full stomach and there is no such incidence against women which can be included in crime then corporate people must do something for it. It is the social responsibility of every citizen of a country to protect its nation from the ill situation and it could be done in a better way by those only which are having the strength of money and feeling to do so. This does not mean that poor person is not able to give anything for the development of the country. Maintaining peace and effort to reduce the various issues is also a way to impart a role as social responsibility by a person.

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