Gender Discrimination

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People have to suffer through multiple types of discrimination at different stages of their life. Sometimes this discrimination is gender-based and other times it is based on the cast or religion of a person. The problem of discrimination in education with children at school is the other major form of discrimination. The one who involved in this discrimination with the people are mostly those who are in authorities.

The need of uprooting this culture of discrimination is very important to move the chariot of peace and development smoothly. All the people at world scale have to raise their voice against this heinous crime of discrimination against lower classes for society. This is because it can leads to anarchy and instability at global level in the world.

Thesis Statement

Discrimination is the main reason that leads anarchy and instability in society among people.

Main Body

Types of Discrimination with People

We cannot define discrimination to a single aspect of life. Today we can observe the roots of discrimination has spread in every field. You can see this through the following points which will help you to understand the vastness of the problem.

  • Racial Discrimination within a Region – There are some races in the society which are considered as superior over others. As a result of which races which are taken as inferior are discriminated by the other section of the society. This discrimination could be of various types depending upon the country and lifestyle. For instance, some societies discriminate on the grounds of education while others on financial resources.
  • Discrimination across International Boundaries – Some people cross international boundaries in the hope of better financial security and employment opportunities. As a result of which they becomes the immigrants of developed countries. But people of the developed countries behave with the immigrants with a feeling of discrimination. This social outcast of the Diaspora on foreign land is a form of discrimination in the foreign land.
  • Discrimination in Education Sector with Women – The countries which do not allow the women citizen to attend the education in school culture also do discrimination with them. This is a form of discrimination based on gender roles. These women are supposed to raise their children at home without getting the right of doing any outdoor work. This gender-based discrimination in the sector of education must be stopped.
  • Class-Based Discrimination between Rich and Poor – The gulf of poor and rich is present in every country. People in most of the countries are discriminated on the grounds of their class. Those having upper class get respect and get their work done from the government institutions within no time. But those who belong to the poor status of society have to struggle a lot for their survival.

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How to Override the Problem of Discrimination

The issue of discrimination at various levels needs to be handled with meticulous care by the people at global scale. The following tips are going to help in erasing discrimination from the roots.

  • Equality between Men and Women – A society which allow equal rights to both the sex that is men and women it a stable and developed ideal society. Discrimination on the grounds of gender must be excluded from all the societies of the world. This is because it hinders the economic growth of a country. When only one gender will be contributing in the development of nation, it becomes a challenge to gain holistic growth in every sphere of life.
  • Equal Distribution of Economic Resources among People – Economic resources must be distributed among the people on the basis of richness and poorness. The base of their distribution must be secluded from such criteria. An equal distribution of the economic resources of a country among its citizens means equal opportunity for everyone to give their contribution in the development of country. The discrimination on the ground of class could also be reduced through this method.
  • No Prejudice on the grounds of Race, Cast and Decent – The prejudice on the grounds of social cast, religion and race must be checked by the government of authorities. Social and political turmoils can arise due to such type of discrimination against people within a community. If you are in an opinion to get rid of social issues this problem must be addressed with seriousness.

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The whole essay laid the foundation of saving humankind from the monster of discrimination at multiple grounds. To live a live with proper freedom and free of discrimination it is very important to give equal opportunities and rights to the people. A society cannot remain stable in the absence of social equality and justice.

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