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Social media and its craze among the people of every generation can be seen very easily. Earlier it was limited to the youth only but now old age people and kids are also getting involved in the use of social media for one or another reason. Some philosophers start throwing their ideologies and opinions on the use of social media and its benefit and drawbacks. Such people say that the major part of the younger generation’s energy gets spoiled in the use of social media which is having no positive output. More the nation is on a downstream of growth when half of its population is giving nothing in the rise of the economy of the country. To cap it all such ideologies says that social media is indirectly proportional to the growth of the country on the economic platform of the world.

Now if we talk about the positive aspect of the social media many researchers find it very positive to help them in conducting various researches. Students pursuing their higher study in sociology are especially get benefitted from the use of social media. That is why they always prise its significance in knowing the realities of world societies. More the cross-cultural studies in the marketing and management field get benefitted with the use of social media which is really a positive point of the social networking websites like Facebook and Instagram or for that matter twitter.

We have talked about the two types of ideologies so far one which finds social media corrupt and totally useless and can ruin our life very effectively. The other types of which find these websites extremely crucial for the research and management purpose. Now there are people who neither consider it useful nor bad for them and they have a neutral reaction towards the consequences of effects of social media on them. Such people spend negligible count of time on the social media websites and thus have not that much of complaints and praise for it.

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So the above essay says that we cannot put the social media in binaries where it would be said that it is bad for us or good for us. As we know that there is always an intermediary stage between good and bad or black and white social media can also be compared to it. When we will be avoiding it totally then the research work will become difficult as researchers have to visit place to place for exploring the place and it will consume a lot of time and money as well. More business management team will find it hard to know about the behaviour of their customers residing in different places of the world. On the contrary excessive use of social media can be dangerous for us. This is because we cannot suppose to devote all of our time in things like social media.

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We are supposed to complete our other assignments as well as students should study their books, working people must focus on their work by leaving the craze for social media website at the time of work etc. That really means to maintain a balance between social media and your professional life if you will merge them up then it would be difficult for you to sustain in a profession for a long time. So it is always good to take your note on the time that you are spending on the social media and it should be a quality time rather than stay always connected on these sites which are dangerous in every way. That is how we can describe the effect of social media on a human being.

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