Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

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Graduates who are assigned with argumentative essay on animals can go through the list of argumentative essay topics about animals given here.  Students Assignment Help experts have suggested animal rights argumentative essay topics to the graduates to help them in their college essay assignments.

Many students have no idea about which topic will be suitable for them to write an argumentative essay. That is why they start finding help from external sources to look after the best essay topic for them. The list of animal topics for argumentative essays given below is fresh and innovative to write quality essays. Just read the entire list and write your essay for college on time.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Animal Cruelty

Some interesting animal argumentative essay topics are

  1. Animals are subjected to human cruelty in various testing labs nowadays?
  2. The efforts of various international conventions on animal rights are irrelevant as they are incapable of checking injustice to animals.
  3. The advancement in technology and coming of the biotechnology in the past couple of decades pose a serious threat to animals.
  4. Many of the animal species are about to extinct because of the chemicals applied to them during the test.
  5. The tribal people harm animals for their meals and other needs in several ways.
  6. People who are not following the norms created for saving animals from human cruelty are not punished at all.
  7. Developed countries are less cruel towards animals as compared to developing and underdeveloped nations.
  8. Apart from making strict rules for saving cruelty to animals, it is also important to enforce them on the real ground.
  9. Most of the animals spread infectious diseases once they are subjected to chemical tests in several experiments.
  10. What are some of the ways that people who live in cities tend to abuse their pets?
  11. Animal Cruelty
  12. Alternatives to Animal Experimentations
  13. Epidemiology and Animal Experimentation: Which One Is More Successful?
  14. Trends and Public Opinion Towards Animal Rights
  15. What Methods Are Implemented on Animals During Induced Helplessness Tests?

Unique Argumentative Essay Topics on the Rights of Animals

Some animal abuse argumentative essay topics are given below:

  1. Animal rights are valid in documents only as we cannot see them in practice against exploitation against them.
  2. Developed countries are more inclined towards animal rights as compared to developing ones.
  3. It is very important to have international laws on saving animals from harmful human activities.
  4. Most of the animals die an unnatural death at the hand of humans which is a big slap on the conventions making animals laws.
  5. There should be a provision for proper care of the animals which are wounded and struggling for survival.
  6. Many times people who are making animal rights are involved in putting the lives of animals in danger.
  7. Certain traditional practices which are against the rights of animals should be banned across the length and breadth of the world.
  8. Most of the animal rights conventions are showing their back when it comes to taking action against the rich people harming animals.

Best Topics for Argumentative Essay on Conservation of Animal Species

  1. The actions that are being taken in favor of the conservation of animal species are a mere show-off.
  2. Only critically endangered species are given attention in the conservation of animal species and not other species.
  3. Animal species which are about to extinct are also being exploited by the people and authorities are mute on the issue.
  4. Conservation of the animal’s species which are in the endangered category of species can be saved by giving artificial habitat to them.
  5. It is almost impossible to make an animal species breed in an artificial environment.
  6. We can save the animals which are about to extinct by facilitating them in natural habitats and not in artificial habitats by preserving them.
  7. We cannot see animal conservation as a single aspect as there are a lot of things to consider beyond giving them food and habitat.
  8. The efforts taken so far to conserve the animal species by the experts of the arena are not successful to a great extent.


New idea for argumentative essay topics on animals and ecology

  1. How the ecological system on earth can be balanced well when the food chain and food web grow naturally?
  2. What are the ill consequences on the ecology of the earth if the critically endangered species gets extinct from the food chain and web?
  3. Biomagnification is the biggest reason for which many species are dying a natural death in the ecological environment.
  4. The subjection of animals to the chemical tests is also harmful to human beings as animals are linked to humans in several ways.
  5. How the ecology gets disturbed when the animals playing their particular role in a given ecosystem become extinct from the earth?
  6. The major significance of environmental conservation can be seen in the result of saving animals from dying unnatural death.
  7. The population explosion leads to deforestation and thus it snatches the habitat of the animals as well.
  8. It is difficult to maintain equilibrium on this earth if the animal species will keep on vanishing from the earth.

Unique Topics for College Argumentative Essays on Animal Behavior

  1. How does the behavior of the animals change towards human beings when excessive exploitation is done to them?
  2. The animal’s atrocities towards the human being are based on their psychological behavior about the perception of a human being.
  3. People who involve in love and passion with animals for a long time can see a big change in the behavior of animals towards them.
  4. Animals do not harm anyone unless they get an instinct of harm from the person in front of them.
  5. The animal behavior towards human beings can be seen as a boomerang effect. If humans will treat them well they can receive the same compassion from animals as well.

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