Recycling Persuasive Speech Example

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Recycling is often seen as a very difficult, time-consuming task. However, it’s not hard to do if you have the right knowledge and resources. This essay will cover what recycling means, why it’s important for the environment, how to recycle in your school or city, and some tips on how to help motivate other people into recycling.

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Speech Sample on Recycling

Thesis Statement of Recycling Speech

Recycling is a simple and effective way to help preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Introduction of Recycling Speech

The definition of recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new products, thereby reducing the consumption of fresh raw materials. In short, it’s using old items to make new things. Anything from plastic bottles and aluminum cans to paper towels and magazines are examples of what you can recycle. A few common household items that can be recycled include egg cartons, yogurt containers, milk jugs, wine corks, laundry hampers, clothing, and newspapers.

Main Body of Recycling Speech

Recycling is a very popular practice that is prevalent worldwide to reduce pollution and enhance the use of waste material as much as possible. In the past couple of decades, we can see a massive boom in the recycling process of the material like plastic and polythene which is hazardous to the health of human and animals as well. The decrease in the biodiversity of the earth is also caused due to the spread of pollution and that can be controlled only when we are recycling things through waste material.

Why Is Recycling Important?

Recycling is beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, it saves natural resources by reducing the demand for new raw materials. Second, it reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills across the world. This improves living conditions because less pollution enters our air and water supply. The importance of using waste material can also bring down the global temperature of the earth which is the main cause of global warming.

The most crucial aspect that is associated with the success of recycling to reduce pollution and global warming is that the role of common masses in the process of recycling. We often burn plastic and non-biodegradable material causing thereby pollution in the air. But if we save this material and give it to the garbage collector then they will directly transfer it to the purpose of recycling. Thus we can impart the best role in saving our atmosphere from getting polluted very easily. But very few of us think in such a manner and as a consequence of which big risks and consequences are faced on regular basis in the form of natural calamities like floods and avalanches.

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Those having issues with the pollution that is increasing in their atmosphere have to think in the direction of controlling it by playing their part of the job. It is ridiculous that some people just horrify the things like pollution is increasing, biodiversity is decreasing but none of them ever care about the single initiative towards saving the environment from getting polluted on a large scale. It is only the duty of every single person on this earth to maintain a serene and pure atmosphere by getting involved in the process of recycling the different objects that can be recycled. For doing so two dustbins can be managed one for degradable and another for non-degradable material available in the form of rubbish. That is how a little support towards the protection of earth can be given by each and every single person on this earth.

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How Can You Start Recycling at School or Work?

There are three major things you can do to start recycling at your school or workplace- containers, behavior, and education/awareness.

  • First of all, you need a place to put all your recyclables. Depending on how big your school or workplace is, you may need multiple containers in various locations. If you’re trying to get a new recycling container in your school and no one is helping you out, give the principal a call and they should be able to help facilitate that for you.  Another thing that can be helpful is giving small rewards to people who put their recyclables in the correct containers. This could work especially well with younger children because they are more likely to respond positively towards incentives.
  • Furthermore, if there were not any recycle bins around before, it’s important to change people’s behavior by educating them about why recycling matters. Even little things like adding recyclable stickers on items make people more aware of what they are buying and where their waste goes. The key here is making it seem like recycling isn’t a chore but rather something that benefits the environment and people all around the world.
  • Lastly, get into that mindset of actively thinking about how each object can be reused or recycled. If you are not sure whether an item is recyclable, find out! There are various recycling databases online where you can check if what you have in mind will work to be repurposed for another use.

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Getting Other People Involved

The best way to get other people involved with recycling is by appealing to their self-interests through incentives. For example, telling someone about the environmental benefits of recycling would probably fall flat because most people don’t think beyond themselves. However, giving someone a coupon for their next purchase if they return a plastic bottle is something that benefits them through discounts and saving money. The idea here is to make recycling seem like an easy way to save money and get rewarded.

The process of recycling although very fruitful for both humans and animals both still it is not in practice to the full extent. This is because some of the anti-social elements do not bother about protecting their surroundings and the earth from the fear of getting polluted. Such people have no responsibility towards the nation and also want to live their own life by taking drugs and alcohol. A country with this type of toxic citizens cannot suppose grow in any way on the international scale and something must be done to solve this problem in an appropriate manner. This is how a good pollution-free atmosphere can be maintained everywhere. Researchers are coming up with new techniques that raise the use of recycled material as much as possible and reduce the manufacturing of new plastic and other hazardous substances to an extent that is possible in a normal situation without bringing any crises.

Recycling Tips

  • Put items such as broken crayons used paper towels, and even junk mail in the recycling bin. Excess food also can be recycled by certain composting programs.
  • If you don’t have access to recycling bins near your home or school, contact your local government about bringing them in. You could also ask people from local businesses or restaurants if there’s anything they are throwing away that could be recycled.
  • Make sure when you recycle that all caps are off, all paper is flattened, and that there are no leftover odors in bottles or cans.
  • Many recyclable items can be recycled infinitely, but some have a limited lifespan. Aluminum foil wrappers cannot be recycled more than ten times because the heat necessary to break down the aluminum oxidizes it so much that it is rendered useless.
  • Each person’s recycling habits actually matter. By taking even small steps every day to recycle what they can, people are creating a better future for not just themselves but everyone out there.
  • Know what you need before throwing away something that can be recycled. You don’t want to waste your time by putting things in the wrong bin!

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So if we talk about the conclusion of this speech the entire idea flow towards the limited use of substances that are dangerous for our environment. Plastic and polythene material must be recycled to use again and again so lower down its manufacturing in the factories. This is because such material cannot be degraded by the microorganism in the soil and does not change even after many years. If we will burn these products they release very harmful chemicals in the air causing thereby various respiratory diseases that can also become the reason for death. So the only solution for this problem is to recycle the plastic product as much as possible and not burning them in the atmosphere which raises grave concern in different places.

Global warming which is a major problem in the current period of time across the world can also be reduced to a level with the help of this technique. As long as air pollution, soil pollution, and water pollutions are concerned all of them can be managed with the help of recycling easily. This is very sure that alone recycling cannot effectively reduce this but yes we can mitigate the issue to a great level by taking care of the above steps. So do not take your causal approach towards the increasing amount of pollution every day and try to give your best to put a stop to this.

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