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Animal testing is a controversial topic among many people. There are those who believe that it is necessary and helps us understand the safety of products, while others feel like it is inhumane and should be stopped. The truth of the matter really lies somewhere in between these two perspectives.  If there are other, non-animal methods available to test the safety of a product then these should be used. If they are not possible or practical then animal testing is an option that should be used with care.

Essay Sample On Animal Testing

Thesis statement – Animal Testing Essay

Animal testing should be banned from practice as it put biodiversity and animal rights both in a critical situation.

Introduction – Animal Testing Essay

Various science experiments that are being performed in biotechnology and other such fields these days are using animals as testing hosts. The purpose of using animals for testing is to check the level of reaction that can be caused to the human if inoculated in them. In a nutshell, before the subjection of this medicine and experiment on humans, they are tested on animals.

As a result of this which many of them have to die an unnatural death every other day. This practice/ cruelty of slaying animals in the name of testing must be banned and here we will discuss the harms of animal testing or Vivo testing and how to put it to an end. Also, we will talk about the animal rights that are given by nature and not any law.

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Main essay – Animal Testing Essay

  • Why Animals are being used for testing purposes?

There are so many strict rules that pharmaceutical companies are supposed to follow and giving medicines without testing to patients is one of such rules. As a consequence of which the only option left behind is to try these tests on the poor animals which sometimes proves out to be life-threatening.

  • How does animal testing affect the biodiversity and ecosystem

When there will be chemical experiments repeatedly on animals this is very definite that their population will start extinct.

Under such circumstances, many species of the animals that are being used for testing purposes will be in the critically endangered line. This is enough to explain the effect on biodiversity when animals will be subjected to chemical experiment testing. A poor diversity directly means a poor ecosystem and it affects human life the most.

  • Steps that can help to banned animal testing permanently

It is not enough to talk about the issue only but a proper solution must be given to stop animal’s life from such unfair actions of a human. Various legal rules can be framed that stop experimenting with these chemicals on the animal’s body.

More these tests should be done on human beings directly but the scenario of reaction can be reduced by adding a low range of chemicals and then increase them step by step in the next part of testing. If the first step goes well only then next will be followed and if there is a reaction in the first step of testing it will be a minor reaction that can be controlled with medication.

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Conclusion – Animal Testing Essay

From the above discussion of the essay, we can conclude that animal testing is not only dangerous for the rights of animals but human beings as well. This is because when biodiversity will be poor the entire ecosystem will get a collapse within a fraction of time. An ecosystem is an important part of any life and if we will fail to manage it in the best way human life will get affected in multiple scenarios. So we have to stop testing animals to save their life and give their rights which they drive from their birth.

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