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Moral courage is the willingness to take responsibility for one’s own actions. Moral courage is a kind of bravery that requires us to stand up for what we believe in. It’s the ability to do something difficult because it’s the right thing to do. It has been argued that moral courage is a virtue that should be taught in schools, just like mathematics and language. This essay will explore what moral courage is, how it can be applied in healthcare settings.


Essay Example on Moral Courage In Healthcare

Thesis Statement of Moral Courage In Healthcare Essay

Moral courage should be taught in schools to help people take responsibility for their own actions and encourage them to provide care that benefits others.

Introduction of Moral Courage In Healthcare Essay

Moral courage can best be defined as the willingness of a person to take responsibility for his/her actions. A person with moral courage does not shirk responsibility by blaming or rationalizing their behavior. They acknowledge when they have done something wrong and do what they can to right it.

Healthcare is such a tough arena where doctors and other people are subjected to a new challenge every now and then. Sometimes these challenges are connected to the new diseases which are not dealt with earlier by them and other times there are certain moral grounds for the problems. All these circumstances require a varied level of moral courage that helps in such situations to the people of healthcare.

Main Body of Moral Courage In Healthcare Essay

The need for moral courage in the healthcare sector arises when people have to choose one out of their moral and ethical values and the negative consequences of following their values. For instance, if a patient’s organs are being sold by the senior doctors of the hospital then-junior doctor has two alternative choices either secure his values or let the doctor do whatever he is doing.

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Moral courage is the factor that keeps you up and makes you able to confront such challenges in your professional career. This is very sure that such problems and a threat to the morals of physicians are very common every other day and to deal with them one has to be very much strong in every way. Either he has to give up his moral values and let the injustice prevail everywhere with the patients or he has to become vocal on these issues without bothering about the consequences of the voice against wrong things.

Suppose you are asked to charge the extra money from a patient just because he belongs to a rich financial background and your values do not allow you to do so then you can raise your voice against it. But then the results can be there like expulsion from the hospitals. So practicing our free will based on our moral courage in the healthcare sector is not that much easy and that is why most of the doctors who want to continue their job in a good place suppress their moral courage instantly when they find their job at risk. But at the same time, there are people who do not bother about the results and splash the ill deeds among media and patients so that no one has to go through the injustice.

We can see the murders and such tragedies which are associated with moral courage in healthcare. People who raise their voices against the wrong things in the sector are molested and murdered very finely by those having high authority. That is why we can say that if someone is taking the initiative of handling his moral courage then he or she must be mindful of these risks as well.

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The inference that can be deduced from the essay is that moral courage must be there in every person who is working in the healthcare sector. When a major count of the people in hospitals will resist doing the bad things the authorities can do nothing as they will be forced to stop the illegal things like removing a female fetus from the womb of the mother against her will and stealing the organs of the patient’s. That is how we can imagine a world free from corruption. We cannot say that only developing countries are involved in the pursuit of corruption because at the same time developed nations are also facing this issue to an utmost level.

The only solution for this problem is to raise the query in the hand of the government which can make strict rules for such types of ill practices that are encountered by the authorities of healthcare. The injustice can be on a minor basis as well as to a major extent like stealing of the patient’s body parts. So both types of bad practices must be checked in healthcare as soon as possible.


In conclusion, it is important that we understand the ethical implications of moral courage in healthcare. In order to do so, one must address the effects on both individuals and society as a whole when considering individualism vs collectivism. Furthermore, an analysis should be made considering how the perspective changes when looking at health care from different angles (e.g., doctor-patient relationships).

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