Capital Punishment Pros And Cons Essay

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Growing rate of the serious crimes is giving rise to the capital punishment in high count. Today we can see that this punishment is being given to the criminals on every other day. If you are a student of Law then sample essay on capital punishment can help you out to write your essay assignments for the college and school Coursework as well. The essay which is given here on capital punishment is written by the experts of Students Assignment Help and can give you a fair idea about how to write a three layered essay for the assignments of school and college. So take an idea about the essay you are given similar to the one written as sample here to get the concept in your mind clearly. This is how this sample can work as help in essay outline on capital punishment to the students as well.

Thesis Statement

We should try to reduce the practise of capital punishment except for the most heinous crimes like rape. Reformation punishment which gives a solution to stop the crime can be more helpful than capital punishment.


The criminals who are committing the serious crimes like transferring the secret data of a nation to the other nation, crimes of rape, murder, robbery of banks are subjected to the capital punishment most of the times. But there are some human grounds also which bar such practises to these people and in place of hanging them of the gallows they can be subjected to a reformation. The aim of this essay is to bring out the benefits and drawbacks of capital punishment by giving useful examples.

Main Body

By going through this essay you will be able to understand the difference between a capital punishment and reformation punishment as well. Also you will be in a state of critically analyse the situation to come up with the inferences whether it is good or bad to give the capital punishment to the criminals.

Why capital punishment is given to the criminals worldwide?

The main purpose of giving the capital punishment in the world to criminals is to give a lesson to the criminal for the crime he has committed. At the same time others are also warned towards not to commit such crime as they can experience the same results of punishment. This is the most influential practise and medium through which the rates of crime can be reduced in the world according to the authorities and high conventions. Almost every nation is involved in the legal process of capital punishment to the criminals who are either their citizens or from other countries working as intruders.

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Out of capital and reformation punishment which should be preferred?

There are mainly two types of punishments that are majorly in practise on the global scale. The first is capital and another is reformation punishment. In the later one criminal is subjected to a process in which the reformation can be inculcated in the society by pondering on the depth of the situation. Reformation is a sort of punishment in which criminals get realize his mistake and then never commit such mistake again in his entire life. On the contrary capital punishment like discussed many times is directly related to the death of criminals by hanging them.

But the actual purpose of the punishment is to stop the crime in the future which cannot be possible by giving the capital punishment. For instance, if someone is shaking his hand with the criminals to earn his livelihood then it is not appropriate to hang him on the gallows. The real situation can be tackled by generating the employment opportunities. Similar can be considered in other cases for whichever the capital punishment is given. Death penalty only be given in a case which is really heinous and person should be treated the same way he treat the victim to understand the pain.

Positives and negatives of capital punishment

Although capital punishment is giving a suitable example and warning to those who are trying to involved in the crime of rape, murder and such other high level crimes, but sometimes it is not justifiable to the country and people. Both pros and cons are always associated with the capital punishment and thus it must be given by thinking on the consequences very meticulously. If we talks about the cons of this punishment then it is not a permanent solution to the problems which can be solved only when particular steps are taken to being the changes in the set up of the society which is giving rise to this cause of the crimes. This is how we can bring the idea society where there is no crime is committed by its citizens.


The above essay on the boons and wane of capital punishment shows that we cannot mark a distinguish line between which punishment is best or which is not. It varies from situation to situation and can be decided by seeing the various aspects of the subject. In some instances this sort of punishment must be avoided to the criminals as social upheavals in a class or society can rise if wrong person is hanged or a person who is doing a crime unknowingly. Only those criminals should be put on the gallows of capital punishment that are not stopping from committing the crimes one after another. To cap it all we can say that neither capital nor reformation working well to give the complete freedom from the crimes alone but in collaboration they can bring a ray of hope in the society or a country or for that matter world at large.

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