Why Violent Video Games Should Not Be Banned

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Video games serve a crucial role in the part of children life which enables them to learn and become aware of many issues in a normal way through these games. There are various types of video games that exist for the children for instance some of them are very common and smooth types but there are others in which the scenes like shooting a person dead who is anti social, stealing the things on gunpoint and running away from school and not attending the classes are some common. So, people think that these games prepare the children towards the serious crimes by hampering their development with the positive feed to their mind.

But at the same time this is also true that many people are having a different approach to this issue and they find it very common to allow the children towards watching and playing these games. According to them it only works in positive sense where their child is learning about the wrong and rights and not about the murder and such things which is commonly mistook by the other people. The games are videos are developed in such a way that they are working like a messenger to teach the children that they are not supposed to do this type of activities in their real life. Certain debates and conferences of scientists have proved this better that there is not negative impact of the games on the brain of the children according to the survey performed by the authentic resources.

Many social platforms are considering these violent games as social taboos for the students and not find it good for the parents to allow their children with such types of things. But it solemnly depends upon the parents how they are raising their children. If the entire ambience of the home is good and children are connected to their parents through a bond of emotions then nothing wrong can take place under such circumstances. Cognitive development of a child affects its behaviour more than the violent games according to the theory of development and thus we cannot say that avoiding these violent games to the children is appropriate in any way.

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Those who become robbers, shooters and giving rise to the incidences like killing their classmates in an envious mode or wrath are grab the idea from their peer group and family structure as well. There are families which are not bothered about the proper development of their children and commit heinous crimes in front of them or make their home as battlefield more often. Under such circumstances child also mimic to their parents and when he or she becomes an adult these things disturb his behaviour and actions to a great extent. That is why parents are asked to raise their children is a very sophisticated way so that they can have the best results in the form of decent children who do not commit any suicide.

So if a person who is putting the blame of his anti social children on the violent games then he or she must be known to the fact of their internal matters at home. Such parents should be told about their upbringing and improving the way of their children cognitive development rather than raising the finger on someone else like these video games. These games serve an important and inseparable part of the students and children and it is their right as well. We cannot snatch someone’s right by showing the bad results which are due to the cause of our own actions.

If we discuss about the conclusion of the argument that is why we should not ban the violent video games then above essay gives a lot of supportive points in this regard. Children who are trying to enhance their domain of learning through these video games cannot be asked to stop playing them as it would be an act of injustice to them. Our society and world at large need to understand this thing with in a deeper sense only then something meaningful can be done towards this issue. It is totally and completely useless to organize various seminars and conferences on this problem until and unless we are not prepared to understand the positive and negative results of playing violent games.

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Every statement in regard to this issue must be subjected to a deep analysis rather than throwing it generally. If someone wants to get these violent video games banned then his or her reason for doing that must be solid. This is how we can save ourselves from giving rough statements in wilderness. Being a social animals having the capacity of learn and think we cannot take such absurd decisions by putting the children in an isolation from the world which is crucial in this time period of technology. That is how we can reach to a conclusion that violent video games are not doing any harm for the better upbringing of children.

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