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Sample Essay on My Best Friend - Description, Introduction & Conclusion - Narrative Essay Example For College & School Students

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Thesis statement

My best friend is the main force which helped me throughout my trials and tribulations of career and make me a successful person today.

Introduction – My Best Friend

When I was in my school one of my classmate turns up into my best friend as we used to share are lunch on a regular basis with each other. The time passes away and we take different turns in our life after school is finished. He wants to pursue his academic career and continue with that, on the contrary, I was more inclined towards the professional field and take admission in medical college. Although different streams and colleges we used to meet on a regular basis every day. That is how we were completing our friendship goals on a daily basis.

Then suddenly some financial crises hit our door and my dad’s business goes bankrupt. We were not left with enough money to pursue a course of medical science and I was supposed to take a job at that time. But my friend never let it happen and he took job instead of me to finance my study. That is how I completed by medical degree and becomes a successful doctor today. I can never forget my friend who is the key person behind my success today.

Main body – Description

When I met my friend for the first time

My friend and we strike to each other in a classroom while people were dispersing for the lunch slot. We soon engage in a spat that why I hit his head and I also see him with the same anger to blame for the incidence. The fight becomes very serious and we met the principal to solve the issue. She settles the quarrel very nicely and turns us into best friends from that moment. After this incidence, we used to share every gossip with each other like best friends apart from sharing lunch and stationary. Even we fly with the same colors today when we met after a long time from busy schedules of life.

School days and fun in the classroom with my friend

I cannot forget those days when we used to cheer up for each other in school for winning a game of getting good marks. At the same time sad faces when any of us gets punishment for not doing homework and another sort of punishments. We never undergo any type of fight after the one that made us best friends in principal office. Only two people, me and my friend used to bind up our group as we have promised each other not to include any third member in our group. This is because we were very much into the saying that “two is company and three is crowd”. So that is how we were making our friendship goals successful in life without any trouble in school days. Even after the school time, we used to play together as our home used to be in the vicinity to each other.

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When my friend turn up into my guardian to help me in my study

I cannot forget the tough phase of my life when our company’s downfall make us very poor that we were not able to manage two square of meal per day. I was about to quit my studies but my friend insisted me to continue my career by compromising his own. He supported me throughout my life and that is the reason why I still find him as the same friend like that of a childhood friend. No other person is that much important in my life apart from my parents except my best friend who is like a God to me.

We share a happy and long friendship relation forever after

Our relationship is not meant for the school days only or for that matter till college we are friends forever and after. None of us is going to part from each other and that is the real truth I know at this stage. My friend has done a lot for me now it is my turn to help him in his problems of life. I will make every possible effort which I can do to make his life happy and smooth in every sense. That is how a good friendship can be completed with the real goals of friendship. A friend who is not there with you in the time of difficulties must be removed from your friend list. This is not the scenario with me as my best friend has given all his efforts to make me happy throughout his life.


So the above essay explains how the author is obsessed with his friendship and friend because of the sacrifices made by his friend to make the author happy. We can have the glimpse of real true friendship from the above essay which is very rare in the modern world. A friend must standby his friendship in poor time like that of the author described in this essay. That is how we can term it as real friendship in an actual way.

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