Online Classes Vs Traditional Education

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Essays are often given to the students on traditional versus online classes and sometime some assignments ask them to express their view on the topic. Here is a sample essay on the traditional classes Vs online classes. So read this essay and write any sort of assignment on this topic.

Thesis Statement

Both online classes and traditional education are equally important for the students in order to learn more and more. Where online classes serve the purpose of working people, traditional education is more pertinent to clear the concepts.


Online classes are given to the students so that they can cope up with their responsibilities towards their job and family as well. The trend of online coaching classes came into existence when the demand of education starts rising to secure a stable job by the people. Nowadays it is very important to have a graduate degree at least to secure a job. In order to pursue a study earlier students have to g through the resignation for their job. But this is not the case in the present scenario because working people can pursue an online study for their education.

So apart from their job they can do their education as well. Traditional education is given the preference when students are more oriented to have good concept clarity of the topics. As a good concept clarity could be obtained by the students only when they attend classes regularly in the traditional way. Here are some points and arguments that are going to help you to understand which method of study is more pertinent out of online classes and traditional way of taking education. So go through these arguments deeply which are given by the research based study on the topic of essay.


Here is a complete sample essay on traditional education Vs Online classes that could be referred for the understanding of the entire topic in depth. Those who have been curious for the topic and arguments associated with it can read the essay meticulously to sift out the major points of the essay written by the experts.

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Which type of Study is more Authentic out of Online Classes or Traditional way of learning?

Online classes and traditional way of education both are equally important for the students. This is because when students do not have the sufficient time to attend traditional education classes they can pursue their course through online channels as well. Today there are so many online classes on different topics and subjects in which students can seek help from the teachers who are teaching the students through these channels.

But the traditional method is also authentic for the study where you can interact with the teachers face to face and can put certain questions as well. So it becomes easier to understand the topics in traditional classes. So if we consider the benefit of both the types of classes that is traditional and online way of study traditional classes are good for the clarity of concepts while online classes gives an opportunity to the students for their career to hike the qualification.

How Online Classes are the needs of People in Present Time

In the current time you cannot manage time for the regular classes along with your job and other responsibilities towards your children and family. As a result of which it becomes very difficult to study further for such people. But online classes has provided a vast range of opportunities to the students for extending their qualification to the students who are ambitious to further their study along with imparting their all the duties correctly. This is the blessings of the modern high tech world in which students are capable enough to study any type of course that they want to pursue. More the fee structure and other expenses in online study are also very low as the travelling expenses and other infrastructure is also not included in this type of classes.

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What could be done to improve the Online Structure of education?

Although online classes are boon for the people who want to continue their study after their kids and along with the job. As here there is no boundation to the students for sitting regularly in the classes and they can attend it regularly online on weekends and for two or three hours daily as per the time suits them. Such type of study is good for the people and many people are getting benefitted from this sort of online classes.

But the structure and authenticity of the assignments and other work given to the students in online classes must be raised. There are people who are pursuing their online classes but their exam are given by someone else and high academic records are mentioned which are not authentic. Frauds while recruitment in the jobs is very common due to this sort of unauthenticated work in the online classes and exams. This could be improved by giving more importance to the examination strictness for cheating and other such deeds.

What are the benefits of Traditional Classes to the students over Online Classes?

Traditional classes are although time consuming but they give a clear cut approach to the students about the syllabus of the course. This is because personal interaction of the students with their teachers is more prominent in the classes which are conducted on traditional base as compared to the online classes. Those who are taking this type of classes can reap more benefits in their learning as compared to the online classes. So we can say that traditional classes are more authentic than the online classes for studying the different courses in higher and lower education.


The above essay on traditional education versus online coaching shows that both the types of study are helpful for the people. In one case students get the best opportunity to study more even along with their jobs and family responsibilities. While in the other case students get a complete in depth understanding of the topics and entire syllabus of the course with the interaction with teachers and more understanding in front of the teachers. So the traditional classes could be preferred by the students if they have time to pursue their study in this way on the other hand in case there is shortage of time online classes are also an alternative in such case. So make sure to take the classes or way of study as per your preference.

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