Should Government Provide Health Care

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Healthcare is becoming more and more expensive and under such conditions it is difficult to poor people to manage their health. Many arguments rise on this topic and that is why graduates are assigned with argumentative essay on various topics of healthcare. Sample essay on should government provide healthcare is given here for such types of assignments to the students here by Students Assignment Help. The best quality essay assignments on healthcare issues can be written easily by grabbing the essay writing tips for college assignments from the Example Essay given here.

This is a very serious question that is associated with the health of people who cannot afford to spend on their healthcare. People who belong to marginal sections of the society have to depend upon the government services which cater their health. But there are many governments which find it unimportant to provide healthcare services for free of cost to the citizens so that no crises can occur on the nation’s economic growth. The revenue that is collected in the form of cess should be utilized in the welfare of the state rather than giving healthcare help according to these governments. The debate is going over long period of time and several conclusions have been given by the intellectual regarding this topic so far.

If we observe the situation meticulously then there are people who can contribute well in the growth of a country but their health hinders them to do so. Human assets of a nation are very important and that must be preserved to an utmost level. Giving healthcare services to those who are under privileged societies should be confirmed at the least what government can do for its citizens. This is because other people can manage the things related to their health easily who are having their source of livelihood and earning but poor who fail to secure two squares of meals per day cannot afford to finance their routine check up and die without treatment.

A massive breakdown in the growth of the countries is experienced where government is not giving funds for the healthcare services to poor people. Such people become the cause of spreading several viral and bacterial diseases from one person to another. But at the same time if we consider the case on contrary scale then the situation is somewhat inverted where people have free healthcare and capable of becoming a part in the growth of their own nation on Economic scale in the world. Thus the importance of free healthcare can be seen in relation to the development of a nation in every way and we cannot ignore this truth.

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The conclusion of the argumentative essay reaches to a point where we cannot say that every government of the nation should give free healthcare to its citizens especially those who are in deep financial crises. But at the same time at least those people must be provided with these facilities which are having the issues in grave concern. Developed nations can do well in this field by giving the free health care support to their citizens irrespective of their status and identity on the base of money they have.

We cannot say that health is not important as there are several diseases which are communicable and can spread from one person to another destroying the entire stability through endemic and other such situation. This brings lot of anarchy and instability which is not in the favour of economic growth of a nation. That is why it is the supreme most duty of any government to take care of its citizens if they are not able to help out with their diseases owing to the lack of money required for the treatment of the diseases they are going through.

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