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In this essay, we will be defining the sociological definition of family and discussing its relevance today. Family is a term that has been used for centuries to describe people who are related by blood or marriage. After reading this essay, you will know the sociological definition of family. The social sciences are a broad range of disciplines that explore human culture and society with an emphasis on how people interact in groups.

The following essay sample shall focus on and highlight the Sociological Definition Of Family and the functions, importance of family in sociology. also know about the role of the woman in the household.

Essay Example on The Sociological Definition Of Family

Introduction – Sociological Definition of Family

Family is a word that has been used in many different contexts, but it can be defined as an institution with a group of people living together and sharing resources. Family members have ties to one another through blood or marriage. A family unit consists of two parents and their children, grandparents, uncles/aunts, cousins, etc. Families come in all shapes and sizes but they are always changing over time because in the United States families are becoming more diverse than ever before.

One of the core aspects of the sociology branch is family and this essay covers the introduction of family in sociology. It states the making of a family, and what are the role, position, and contribution of women in the family.

Women hold a crucial role in every family because women are the ones who make children, are mothers, sisters, wives, and act as house makers of their family.

Main Essay Body – Sociological Definition of Family

Definition of family

  • Several eminent sociologists state the definition of family as a household or a group of people that are related to one another in one way or the other via various modes such as blood, adoption, sexual mating, etc. The group of people of are interconnected forms a family and number of the family together forms a society so family act a primary unit of society and it is the family only that enables the child to learn about fundamentals of the life, values, etc.
  • Therefore it is important to nourish the child with strong values and ethics that make their life appropriate. For the mental, physical, psychological, social, and other development of the child, it is important to nourish them.
  • The definition of family according to the United States Census Bureau it is one of the permanent group of people that resides on the same roof and connected, directly or indirectly.
  • The definition of the Bureau is wide enough that holds a wide connotation in itself while on the other hand, Stephen cites family as an arrangement that has the foundation in marriage and comprises of rights and duties of husband, wife, and children who live together in common residence. Family is identified as the core pillar block of society that facilitates the way to influence the social character and identity of the person.
  • Family is the place where one can learn to speak, bestow love, concern, compassion, learn ethics, values, and morals that are essential to lead a prosperous life.

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Role of women in the family

The role of women in the family can not be overlooked and as per the study of John, Bowlby women is the core pillar of the family that is termed as a homemaker who takes care of not only the house but its husband, children, and whatnot.

He describes that the tender age of young children is delicate and their mental stability and the healthy growth of their minds are a must. Such development of the child could only be done by the mother and in understanding the sociological definition of family it is important to note the role of women in it.

One of the eminent sociologists Crouch illustrates the advantages of women in the family by stating it as a mid-century social compromise. On the other hand, it is noteworthy that the benefits that men as a head in a family extract from the projects designed impliedly benefitted the women and children.

Family and Work

Several studies show how family works as a support system in the life of the person but with time, the other side of the same arises when it procures to the darker side.

Notably, women are the ones in the household that need to manage household activities as well as their work in employment and such a hectic schedule leads to emotional stress in the family.

This is the reason the length of the family gets shorter and mostly single child family that make the child feel isolated and unable the child to get attach with others easily.

Such isolation makes them introverted and exploded one day where it can lead to violence, substance abuse, alcohol, etc. Simultaneous attention of women in every field nowadays makes the child feel neglected.

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Other aspects of family

  1. It is strongly advocated that families are meant for the when and work for the men to handle. And both of these are separate entities that need to be properly coordinated.
  2. Such belief is supported by eminent sociologists that facilitate the sociological definition of the family. But nowadays this perception holds less significance in the concept of the family and work due to the active participation of women in the workplace.
  3. After the birth of the child, the career of the women, most of the time fell, and due to such changes in family arrangements, it affects career progression a lot. And it can not be avoided that women occupy a large part of society that has a significant role.
  4. In today’s trend, getting a job is one of the ways to maintain self-esteem and establish an identity. For living the standard life it is important to find a job nowadays and to maintain the same, it requires self-discipline, commitment, etc.


However, to understand the sociological definition of family, it involves not only family, women, and work but also the conflicts that arise within it. There are types of family conflict that need to be understood in obtaining the understanding of family.

In conclusion, the sociological definition of family is a group that shares interests and values. The members may or may not be related by blood, but they all share mutual bonds of love and concern for one another. This essay has explored how this theory applies to various types of families in modern society.

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